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09889: Tourmaline, Albite, and Titanite - $14
Gem Queen Claim, Whitehall, Jefferson County, Montana
Miniature - 4.1 x 3.3 x 3.1 cm
29 grams
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Semi-lustrous, black tourmaline crystals to 2 cm scattered about in a matrix of well-formed albite crystals. The tourmaline species is most likely schorl, but tourmaline species cannot, in general, be determined by sight alone; chemical analysis is usually needed. Also present are a few orange-brown titanite crystals (some complete and others not); these are about 1 mm in size. From an obscure Montana locality, not included in Mindat's Jefferson County, Montana list. Accompanied by a Chris Tucker Minerals label; many of his Montana material was self-collected.

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