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19598: Barite, Jamesonite, and Calcite - $24
Baia Sprie, MaramureČ™, Romania
Small cabinet - 6.2 x 5.0 x 2.7 cm
77 grams
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The display face of this specimen is covered with tabular barite crystals, rendered black by filiform jamesonite crystal inclusions. Individual barites reach 1.2 cm in size. Mats of jamesonite can also been seen outside the barites. Colorless, slightly frosty, and mostly doubly-terminated rice grain calcites reaching about 2 mm complete the ensemble. Previous dealer label identifies the filiform species as stibnite, but Mindat entries routinely identify this mineral as jamesonite. The barites have some edge wear but overall condition is quite good.

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