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31500: Rosasite replacing Malachite replacing Azurite - Was $30   Now $15
Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Mapimí Municipality, Durango, Mexico
Miniature - 4.1 x 3.1 x 2.3 cm
28 grams
Specimen status: Available
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In the realm of pseudomorphs, 'double replacements' are uncommon. The most famous of these is rosasite replacing malachite, which had previously replaced azurite. Such specimens are well-known from the Tsumeb Mine, and rarely elsewhere. This double substitution example is from a surprising (but reasonable) locality: the Ojuela Mine. It consists of partial to complete rosasite blades to a few mm in size rising from matrix. Where broken, a malachite core is revealed (under magnification). The shape is strongly suggestive of an azurite origin (compare with these Tsumeb Mine examples). An uncommon - if not unique - specimen; of the 3783 Ojuela Mine mineral specimen photos posted at Mindat, none mention this replacement. Minor calcite is also present.

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