Mineral Talks

Looking for a speaker for your club meeting, show, or related mineral event? I have available (or have in preparation) several topics that may be of interest.

About the speaker: The speaker, Steve Hardinger, has been a mineral collector since 1976 and a mineral dealer since 2003. In addition, he has been a full-time organic chemistry instructor since 1990, and a senior lecturer at UCLA since 1997 (now retired). This combination of mineralogical experience and professional speaking experience makes for well-received talks sure to entertain and educate a mineralogical audience. Please send an email (steve@dragon-minerals.com) to find out more. The talks are presented using PowerPoint, and each lasts about 45 minutes to one hour.

Available Topics

Advice on Buying Minerals: In this talk I will give advice on buying mineral specimens, for the beginning to intermediate collector, from my perspective as both a collector and dealer. We'll cover what influences mineral prices, collecting specialties, and other related topics.

Gypsum: Not Just Wallboard Ore: Gypsum is an under-appreciated mineral that deserves more respect. In this talk we explore the interesting properties, classic localities, and other aspects of this mineral, and demonstrate why gypsum really is fascinating, and highly collectible mineral.

Some Basic Chemistry for the Mineral Collector: "With knowledge comes appreciation." In this talk I'll cover some very basic chemistry that every mineral collector should know. We'll touch on topics such as color, radioactivity, and fluorescence.