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30920: Minerals of Mexico (Panczer)
10 x 7 inches (26 x 18.5 cm) hardback with dust cover; 459 pages; copyright 1987
Specimen status: Sold

From inside the dust jacket: "Here is the first modern and comprehensive guide to the minerals of Mexico, listing over 600 minerals from more than 4,500 occurrences in handy alphabetical form. Using the latest geographical and mineralogical data available, William D. Panczer describes the chemical composition of each mineral and its geological setting, along with detailed information on those localities that produce unique features of the minerals.

This volume represents the most complete synthesis of Mexican minerals and their occurrences to date. It is richly illustrated with photographs and drawings, and is well documented and well organized, making it easy to use as well as enjoyable to read.

The introduction summarizes mining history and mineral developments in Mexico. It describes, in a condensed but accurate and stimulating way, the geography and mineralogy of the country, diving it into eleven mineral provinces. Also included is a description - along with their history and mineralogy - of Mexico's eight most important mining districts: Naica, Mapimi, Sombrerete, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Zimapan, and Taxco.

The main section - the catalog - has more than 600 mineral species from for than 4,500 localities, including 54 mineral species first found in Mexico. The species are listed in alphabetical order and subdivided by states, municipios, cities and/or geographical features, and lastly mines and prospects. Included are mineralogical and historical facts about many of the minerals and their locations along with over 75 drawings and photographs.

This impressive volume also contains the most up-to-date bibliographical information, including a separate bibliography of sources available only in Mexico. A comprehensive chronology of Mexican history, with emphasis on Mining and mineralogy, is also provided. The appendix lists all municipios (counties) within Mexico and their governmental seats. Finally, the catalog entries and discredited mineral species are listed in an index format for easy access.

Minerals of Mexico will be greatly valued by professionals and hobbyists alike, Its unique coverage and easy-to-use format will appeal to mineralogists, collectors, geologists, mining engineers, exploration engineers, and to anyone with an active interest in gems."

This copy has its dust jacket, and is in mint, pristine, unused condition: no marks or tears. Prices from $47 to several hundred dollars elsewhere - if you can find it.

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