Dragon Minerals - Update January 13, 2019

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RF457: Calcite in Septarian Nodule
Muddy Creek, Orderville, Kane County, Utah
Large cabinet - 17 x 15.2 x 9.0 cm (6.7 x 6.0 x 3.5 inches)
Weight - 2860 grams (6.30 pounds)
ex Roy Foerster collection
Specimen status: Sold

The Muddy Creek locality is quite famous for producing exceptional septarian nodules (concretions), which start as rather ugly, generic potato-like rocks (last photo) until sawn open. Here we have a very fine example; the central hole is lined with sharp, brownish scalenohedral calcite crystals. The branching pattern radiating out from the central hole is appealing. The cut and polish is also excellent. The rim of the central hole displays green fluorescence under both shortwave and longwave UV. An outstanding septarian nodule example, free of damage, and which displays very nicely!

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