Dragon Minerals - Update February 6, 2019

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18413: Chabazite
Breiðdalsheidi, Suður-Múlasýsla, Eastern Region, Iceland
Small cabinet - 7.8 x 5.1 x 4.7 cm (3.1 x 2.0 x 1.9 inches)
Weight - 156 grams (0.34 pounds)
ex D. W. Schmerling collection
Specimen status: Sold

Despite the fact that Iceland is has lots of volcanic activity and therefore lots of basalts with zeolites, Iceland zeolites are not well represented in most mineral collections. Here we have a dark basalt matrix hosting several cavities packed with colorless, translucent chabazite crystals. These crystals reach a few mm in size and most are complete. A rich and representative Icelandic chabazite specimen that displays just fine from several angles without needing a stand. No damage.

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