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08444: Childrenite-Eosphorite on Smoky Quartz - $50
São Geraldo do Baixio, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cabinet - 14.8 x 4.4 x 3.0 cm
168 grams
Specimen status: Available
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Sparkling, opaque to translucent, amber-brown childrenite-eosphorite crystals to 5 mm form a dense carpet on the narrow end of a tabular, mostly translucent and lightly smoky quartz crystal. Accompanied by an old Hawthorneden label bearing an $85 price tag, which labels the brown crystals as eosphorite. Childrenite is an aluminum is an phosphate, Fe2+Al(PO4)(OH)2·2H2O and eosphoreite is its manganese analog, Mn2+Al(PO4)(OH)2·2H2O; these species cannot be differentiated without analysis (and in fact the crystals on this sample may be a solution series member between the two species). A rich example of a species which is not listed for the locality at Mindat, but makes sense regardless as other phosphates are also found there. Excellent condition.

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