Dragon Minerals - March 16, 2024 Update

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15300: Gypsum variety Selenite - $26
Clay Center, Allen Township, Ottawa County, Ohio
Small cabinet - 9.1 x 4.1 x 1.9 cm
80 grams
Illustrated at Mindat
Specimen status: Available
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A darn near textbook perfect gypsum crystal, glassy and highly transparent (definitely deserves the 'selenite' moniker) with just a few inclusions. Highly transparent; the wad of mineral tack behind the specimen (for support during photography)  is clearly visible. Very rare for the locality; of the 304 Clay Center mineral photos hosted at Mindat, only one depicts gypsum (and it happens to be this very specimen!). Minor blemishes (as expected; gypsum is quite soft) but overall fine condition.

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