Dragon Minerals - June 9, 2022 Update

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29857: Spodumene (19 pieces) - $100
Miniature to small cabinet
505 grams (entire lot)
Specimen status: Available
Send an email with specimen number to order

A lot of 19 spodumene crystals, transparent to opaque, and all terminated (some doubly so). A few have naturally etching. Individual specimens range from 3.5 to 8.0 cm, and 10 to 92 grams in weight. Mostly colorless but with a few having just enough color to barely be called kunzite (if you use your imagination). The largest specimen is greenish (still pale), and a distinct phantom white zone at its termination. This largest specimen has not been heated (or if it has been the color has long since faded) as I have had this material for a few years now (treated 'kunzite' tends to fade appreciably within 6-12 months). Most exhibit a red fluorescence under longwave UV. Overall condition is quite fine, and the specimens will be individually wrapped for shipment to keep it that way.

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