Dragon Minerals - Update August 18, 2019

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Pyrite (lot of six specimens) - $48
Julcani Mine, Julcani District, Angaraes Province, Huancavelica, Peru
Miniature - 4.6 cm (1.8 inches) - largest specimen
260 grams (0.57 pounds) - entire lot
Specimen status: Sold

This is a group of six bright and sharply crystallized pyrite specimens. The pyritohedron (dodecahedron) crystal form is dominant, but the faces are not smooth and have interesting, more complex growth features. Luster is quite bright and brassy. Individual crystals reach about 2.7 cm in size. One specimen has a partial brown calcite overgrowth (last photo), while two others are decorated with patches of tiny but sparkly quartz (first and fourth photos). All display beautifully on naturally flat bases. Overall condition is quite fine.

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