Dragon Minerals - October 30, 2020 Update

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Calcite, Mimetite, and Quartz - $24
Red Cloud Mine, Silver District, La Paz County, Arizona
Cabinet - 10.4 x 7.1 x 4.3 cm
304 grams
Specimen status: Reserved     Send an email with specimen number to order

The matrix is covered with abundant, light grey to colorless sparkling calcite. Scattered among these calcites are tiny, colorless quartz points. In several spots, but mostly around a concave portion on one end of the specimen, are scatterings of tiny but bright yellow mimetites. Some zones in the matrix glow bright blue-purple under shortwave UV (fluorite?). Under shortwave UV the same purple zones are seen, along with some unidentified green specks (willemite?). No damage. Something from the Red Cloud Mine besides wulfenite!

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