Dragon Minerals - December 4, 2021 Update

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32312: Pyrite - $24
Ampliaci├│n a Victoria Mine, Navaj├║n, La Rioja, Spain
Miniature - 5.5 x 4.8 x 3.3 cm
80 grams with stand
Specimen status: Available
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Two mirror-bright and brassy pyrite cubes set aesthetically atop a marl matrix. Both pyrites are nearly perfect cubes, with the larger measuring 1.6 cm along the crystal edge. A tiny, natural (matrix-filled) divot on the larger pyrite, but otherwise excellent condition. Displays perfectly on the acrylic stand as shown, but easily detached if desired. In many cases specimens from this locality are over-prepared, with too much matrix being removed in an effort to maximize pyrite exposure. In this case the pyrite has often fallen and then glued back onto the matrix. This specimen has not been repaired in any way.

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