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30878: Gem & Crystal Treasures (Bancroft) - First edition
Hardcover; 29 x 24 cm (11 x 9.5 inches), 488 pages, with dust jacket.
Specimen status: Sold

From the description at Amazon: "Through Gem and Crystal Treasures, Dr. Bancroft provides the reader with 100 field trips to many of the world's most exotic gem and mineral localities. You will relive the discovery and earliest days of mining at each deposit, and meet those who worked in and about the mines - all portrayed in 667 black and white illustrations, and accompanied by an incredible amount of historical background information on each of these important gem and mineral producing localities. Over 320 crystallized mineral and gemstone treasures and specimens are depicted in full color. Each mineral specimen has been selected as one of the choicest examples available, worldwide - specimens pictured are from some of the world's most notable mineralogical / gemological museum displays, as well as from the collections of private individuals. The mineral photographs are augmented by photos of exquisite gemstone carvings, faceted gems, and stunning jewelry made from the gemstones found at these localities." Dust jacket shows some wear and small tears but the book is in excellent condition. Used copies start at $140 and more at other web sites.

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