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30879: The F. John Barlow Mineral Collection
Hardcover with dust jacket; 31 x 24 cm (12 x 9 inches); 408 pages
Weight - 2220 grams (4.89 pounds)
Specimen status: Sold

From inside the front cover: "Blessed with the ambition, knowledge, and means to pursue his mineral collecting hobby, F. John Barlow has placed before us his magnificent work, The F. John Barlow Mineral Collection. This unique collection, certainly one of the finest ever assembled by an individual in the span of mineralogical history, not only provides unmatched color photography but also thumbnail sketches of specimens which explain the features that made each worthy of acquisition. However, the book is far more than a pictorial event inasmuch as it includes essays, historical and anecdotal, by noted authorities on how the collection came into being and how some of the more noteworthy pieces were acquired. Its publication establishes a major landmark in the field of mineral collecting and preservation. --John Sinkankas". Includes dust jacket (worn but very good condition) and book (pristine never-read condition; even still smells like a new book). Used copies priced $29 and up elsewhere.

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