Dragon Minerals - December 16, 2022 Update

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19460: Galena, Wulfenite, and Mimetite - $14
Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Mapimí Municipality, Durango, Mexico
Small cabinet - 6.2 x 5.6 x 3.8 cm
352 grams
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Pockets and faces of a galena matrix host several patches of mimetite and wulfenite. The mimetites range from yellow-green botryoidal crusts to yellow-brown crystals, these reaching about 2 mm. The wulfenite is seen as opaque, tabular crystals, some of which have a sandwich-like appearance (darker orange brown interior surrounded by two lighter exterior layers) as well as elongated crystals tapering towards truncated points. Interesting not only for the morphology of the two oxidized lead species, but also for the association (the mimetite and wulfenite are most likely alteration products of the galena). Not the prettiest Ojuela Mine specimen out there, but certainly mineralogically interesting.

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