Dragon Minerals - December 16, 2022 Update

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31856: Dioptase and Plancheite/Shattuckite - $28
Kaokoveld Plateau, Kunene Region, Namibia
Miniature - 5.8 x 4.7 x 2.8 cm
54 grams
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A massive quartz matrix hosts patches of beautiful emerald green dioptase crystals, these reaching to 3 mm in length. Most are gemmy and terminated. Underlying the dioptase are patches of a microcrystalline, fuzzy, powder blue mineral. This could be either shattuckite - Cu5(Si2O6)2OH or plancheite - Cu8(Si8O22)(OH)4┬ĚH2O, or even a mixture of both. The two species cannot be differentiated visually, and both occur in this form with dioptase. Nice to explore under hand lens, microscope lens, or camera lens.

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